Breast Pump Hire

Having a baby means making many choices. One of the most important and far-reaching ones you make is about the way you will feed your new baby.

As parents we want to make the best choice we can in everything we do for our children. And breastfeeding IS the natural choice.


Pickup your Medela Breast Pump from one of our key locations or simply have the Medela breast pump delivered to your home or hospital


Hiring of Medela Breast Pump

    • $35 per week
    • $130 for the first month
    • $360 for 3 months
    • $80 Medela Double Kit

Bond: $200
Credit card payments only

Bond: $200
Credit card payments only.


Special Note

You may be eligible for a rebate for breast pump hire through your health fund depending on your level of cover. Contact your health fund directly to enquire.

Hiring a Medela Breast Pump is Easy with Hire for Baby Breast Pump hire Service.

Safety Tips

Seek professional advice before using these products.

Hear what our customers had to say about this product:

Before using these products we strongly recommend that your speak to your health professional and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on their application.

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